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Tim, the new Cole Slaw King

Reflections (11/12/2005)

I've been thinking about the past rides in making the new site. How a few years back we only had 5 riders joining in but it gradually grew larger gained enough interest to support a second ride in the fall. The last 2 rides have had a turnout of over 20 people, which to me is awesome.

Cole slaw

Its been a running joke for as long as we've been visiting the Texan. We would try to bully one individual into eating the leftover cups of mayo saturated cabbage. Eventually money would be thrown on the table to prompt someone's interest. Spring of 2004, Dan on his first ride ate 4. We didn't even have to taunt him. We just put them on his tray when he went for a beer, within a few minutes of his return they were gone. With last spring's nasty coleslaw eating contest, friends returned, (much like the cole slaw did that day). Jay was able to choke down 5 servings even while Zig was choking up his 2. We now have a new champion, Tim who ate 10 servings of the horrible white side dish this past September. I still have never tasted slaw so I'd not know if it was good or bad...as to me its all bad.

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