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Blackburn Mars 3.0

Named after a bright red planet visible from afar, the Mars 3.0 has seven superbright red LED's inside a sleek water resistant case. Lens optics increase visible distance and side LED's provide 180 degree safety-boosting visibility. 150 hour runtime flash mode. Batteries included. Water resistant.

I got this for my recumbent as I want to be seen. The multiple LEDs are quite bright and 3 settings, on, flashing and a cool up/down flashing. The 3 phillips screws to replace the batteries are a bit of a pain but I suppose thats what they engineered it to keep it waterproof. The yellow area on the side lights as well which gives side illumination. The red lens comes out to a point to aid in side illumination too. This is an excellent taillight to allow you to be seen. I have it clipped onto the back of my Topeak DXP which goes from bike to bike, but its very easy to unclip if needed. It really lights up the road behind you. Ok, the packaging is a bit much, getting the thing out takes some time. 2AAA batteries are included. Check Ebay as you can find them for about 12 bucks. Buy it.

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