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Cateye Opticube EL410


The Compact Opticube light sets a new standard in size, brightness and versatility. With batteries, it weighs only 78 grams, and it's only 9.3 cm long. That's 2.6 ounces and 3.7 inches - much smaller (and brighter) than an energy bar. Three ultra bright LEDs are magnified with our Opticube lens and reflector to produce more than 180 candlepower.

• Flashing and constant modes
• 60-hour run time in flashing mode 30-hour run time in constant mode
• Waterproof to 50 meters/165 feet, thanks to the innovative magnetic switch
• Built-in mount adjusts for different handlebars, and can be rotated to mount on a stem or helmet

I got this for my recumbent as I don't plan on riding it at night all that often and I have the Nitehawk system helmet mount if I planed to be out late. The size is perfect to leave on the bike for the occasional time that I would be caught out late. Its really more to "be seen" than to see by. The flashing option is great around dusk when you can still see but drivers may not see you. Overall, a good light for the money (25 bucks on Ebay, 36 elsewhere) but don't expect to use it on overnight tours as its not enough light to ride by.

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