I finally got in a century on a limestone trail and on my recumbent. I rode the I&M Canal from Chanohan to Buffalo Rock and back to the Rock Run access. The trail is closed between Buffalo Rock and Utica, but I met a guy that had come from that direction and he said it was open with no issues.
When I started riding more, I ended up doing a metric century (62 miles) after a long night of drinking and lack of sleep. I took off and drove up to Wisconsin to ride the Cheese County Trail starting in Mineral Point. I was probably a bit dehydrated already but had a good breakfast of fried chicken. Of course I was only 35 and not paying attention to anything my body was telling me other than eat now or intoxicate now. I started the ride and all was ok until about 40 miles in. It was the 4th of July and as usual a horribly hot day. Its 90 degrees and sunny out and I’ve got goosebumps and chills. Im tired but everytime I stop to rest, the mosquitos feast upon me. I started to bargain with myself that I could stop to rest in 4 miles, then 5. My muscles were ok but I was seriously bonking. When I completed the ride, I stripped down in the parking lot, put on some clean clothes and went into the brewery that was the trailhead. After some water, a Coke and a steak, I felt great. There was a minor leg cramp while driving home but I appeared to recover very well. I felt great that I had done a ride that had a “name”, a metric century. I just realized that was 10 years ago, how perfect to finally hit 100 but also kinda lame its taken so long.
I’d been trying to get the next “name” ride but something always happens to kill it. In the past its been an evening outing that I had stop riding in order to make or just my body was not prepared for the long saddle time. Last year I hit 91 miles which is so close but my body really couldnt make the last 9 miles even though I had trained so well. I guess I should remind you that this is not the normal 100 mile road route, this is a gravel trail. Theres a bit more resistance than pavement.
This year, I did a number of 60 – 70 mile rides hoping that would . I suffer from cronic leg cramps after long rides. Ive tried alot of things like Gatorade and some magnesium suppliments but nothing really helped. If anything, I found that my body has changed (gotten older) and that I sweat an incredible amount. Doing research found that there were others with the same problem and it was more likely a lack of hydration/electrolytes.
Some site suggested a product from Hammer Nutrition called Endurolytes so I got a bottle. I’ve used it on long ride and have been very happy with the result. At times my legs felt like they were about to cramp, but didn’t. On these last long rides I made sure to keep hydrated. So Saturday I kept the supplements going and made sure to drink a lot. It worked. I was tired as expected, it was a 7.5 hour ride. Afterwards no cramps, no lockups.

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