Suburban Chicago Cycling Information

Suburban Chicago Cycling Information
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Suburban Chicago Cycling Information

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Boston & New York 9/2/07

Ommegang brewery

Volae Expedition Recumbent


Elroy Sparta trail

Welcome to a site that targets suburban Chicago Trail cyclists. I haven't found one comprehensive site that provided information for the type of riding that I was doing. I prefer extinct railroad lines that have been converted to recreational trails or rail-trails. Judging by the amount of people I see using these trails, I assume there must be an interested community. Examples would be the Illinois Prarie Path, The Great Western Trail, The Old Plank Road, and The Fox River Trail. There are even more in the surrounding states. Wisconsin has taken great care of these trails and even charges for the use.

Since this is still in the development stage, I'm focusing on my experience and interests. Once this gets rolling, I hope to have other's input and schedule local group rides.

I try to keep this site as updated as possible. When I plan a trip or schedule a local ride it should be listed under the calendar and/or the Bike Trips link. I post reviews and photos of each trip upon return. That'll be in the blog along with any other ideas or information I think is relevant. Try to make it to our Biketoberfest coming this September.

The reviews page is where I've gone over the bicycle products I've purchased on my own.

Check out the calendar to see upcoming rides as well as discussion from other cyclists. If anything, just leave a message.

Also, not that anyone even reads this page but I have a blog with miscellaneous ramblings setup here.

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NOLO Brewery - New Orleans
Coleslaw drinking....


Loaded Volae Expedition Volae Expedition with sandals










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